Chloe Eats Clean

Sunday Simmerings

Welp, Chris left about an hour ago to go to Ft. Dodge for 3 weeks. It’s just a temporary thing, but it still sucks. :/ At least it gives me time to focus on my own goals, like getting into a disciplined routine again and studying for the GRE. I’ve been studying almost every day for the past month, and I’m actually pretty proud of myself. :)

I just got back from a 20-minute run. I’m getting a bit better, so there’s that. I’m running a 10-miler in Disney World in a week, so that should be…interesting. I think the hardest part of going to Disney will be resisting all the carbolicious foods. :3 I’m going to try to not completely deprive myself, but I want to stick to a generally healthy routine.

I’m feeling great about life in general. It’s so wonderful to not have homework, even if I do have GRE studying. On Friday Chris and I played in a volleyball tournament and it was sooo much fun. I’m thinking of joining an indoor volleyball league.


So, I’m back.


Now that we’re done with that, it’s back to work for me. I have NOT been feeling great about my health lately and I’m ready to get back to a more disciplined lifestyle again. 

Expect daily posts! :) I’m happy to be back in the Tumbleezy community.

I’ve been thinking about joining our Gold’s or O2 Fitness here. Tanning, free childcare, etc. But… they are so globogym. Ah. Decisions!
HA. It’s hilarious that you would make this comment because I could not get that Globogym commercial out of my head this morning. At the end of the commercial when they say, “We’re better than you…and we know it!”
That’s pretty much what Xperience Fitness is like. I did see some normal looking people there this morning, so hopefully it’ll still be a chill place to workout! I’ve heard decent things about Gold’s!

Joined Xperience Fitness yesterday. Yes, it’s a bit commercialized and peppy for my taste (my membership includes free tanning…), I think I’ll like having the convenience of having a gym 10 mins. away. Plus, classes are included in my $20/month membership, so I’m planning on lifting in the morning before work or doing fasted cardio, then taking a class with my friend Katy 3-5 x/week.


the older I get, the more I understand squidwards anger

Chris is coming back tonight! :)

You guys. I am on the verge of buying a shit ton of Etude House products. Someone stop me. 


the only realistic way to make a butt better is to make it a catbutt

BAHAH. This is great. And you have an amazing butt!

Haven’t posted in a while…

but I’m back in the game. I have my first wedding gown shopping excursion coming up at the end of August, and I’m going to Miami in a month, so I am highly motivated to get back to where I was.

I’ve been running a bit at home, but I think I still need the structure of the gym, so next week I’m going to go purchase an alumni membership at the U. It’s $120 for 3 months, and in that time I have to study for the GRE, so I figure I’ll go there in the mornings for 3 months, then switch to a gym closer to home and start going in the evenings after work.

The hardest part is just maintaining my mindset and motivation to lose weight. Once I have my routine more set, I think it will be a lot easier, but my mind keeps trying to sabotage my efforts to be healthy and I need to just ignore it for a little while. :)

Bleh. I do not want to run. :( Gotta just push myself until it becomes a habit, I guess.


Resistance band.

Went on a Sex and the City tour today. It was everything I thought it would be - we stopped at a sex shop, at Magnolia’s for some cupcakes, at Bergdorf Goodman’s, and at a bar for cosmopolitans. All stops were featured in the show, of course. :) It was hilarious and such a fun “girl’s day.”

Last full day in NYC! It has been amazing but I am ready to go home tomorrow. My grandma and I are hitting up Norma’s in the morning for breakfast which is this incredible (and incredibly expensive) restaurant. I had Nutella-filled pancakes the other day and my grandma had a lobster-filled omelette. All I can say is, if it were me, I would NOT be spending all this money.

However, it’s nice to be fancy once in a while. :)